Production Company Dawn Foods: “Excellent cooperation with Sealogis Belgium”

“Our cooperation with Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium is excellent and is based on mutual trust and respect.   We have been working together with our Belgian forwarding partner for over 20 years with complete satisfaction!   Sandra Cinaglia, Supply Chain Manager Belgium, France & AMEAP and  Aline Vandermolen, Customer Service Manager AMEAP summarise their partnership with Sealogis Belgium.

The American based company Dawn Foods  has more than 5,000.00 employees working in 105 countries, no small player within the Food Industry.  The company supplies a range of primary ingredients such as product mixes, frozen dough products and prebaked goods worldwide to the global food market.  More than 4,000.00 food products to inspire bakers all over the world.  The Belgian branch office is located in Waalse Manage.

Transport of goods

To ensure that these products are transported in the best logistical manner Dawn Foods has been relying on the services of Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium for more them 20 years. 

Forwarding and customs administration

Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium provides us with a full service,” says Supply Chain Manager Belgium Sandra Cinaglia from Dawn Foods Belgium.” The Sealogis team takes care of the booking of our transport containers which are transported via water to all corners of the globe and also arranges the transportation from our offices to the port of Antwerp.  They follow up on all necessary customs documentation such as arranging the export documents etc.”

Proactive, fast and transparent

Aline Vandermolen, Dawn Foods Belgium: “In particular I appreciate their proactive attitude, speed and transparency.   Sealogis Belgium can request the necessary transport documents directly from Dawn Foods via a direct digital system.  This works well and saves an enormous amount of time.”

Experienced in freight forwarding

“Sealogis Belgium is really a team of experts with regards to the do’s and dont’s of freight forwarding,” adds Aline Vandermolen. “They have an excellent relationship with the port of  Antwerp. Dependent on the particular consignment we have different contact persons within the team. This is handled in most cases via telephone or email.  Even the smallest of message or call is followed up by them in a flash.  It’s really nice to work in such a way.”

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