Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium hardly has any limitations to shipping your cargo. Our general cargo department manages your shipments, no matter the origin, the destination, the inco delivery terms and buying terms, for both import and export. However, to seek and offer differentiation in the market, our company has developed an in-depth expertise in a number of verticals.


In addition to our general cargo department, our verticals are organized in business units in order to offer our customer the real expert (commercial, operational). Our sales forces and customer service operators are real experts of the vertical they represent and guarantee you expertise and extensive knowledge.
  • Hazardous and non hazardous chemicals

    Our teams organize the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and chemicals. They are fully aware of all sectoral modalities and have a profound in-house knowledge of the petrochemical harbors of Antwerp, Le Havre, Barcelona and Marseille.

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  • Heavy lift & breakbulk  & project cargo

    Specific transportation of industrial equipment (heavy lifting and breakbulk, industrial projects, out-of-Gauge cargo, and heavy weight) requires a specific expertise! We take care of your projects throughout the process: from design to delivery and/or storage to the final destination. Our project cargo team has recorded experience in the following markets:

    • Oil and gas
    • Renewable energy
    • Rail equipment
    • Construction material
    • RoRo

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  • Agri-food and perishable cargo

    The experts of this division are a reference in the world of agri-food (seafood, fruit and vegetables, coffee, and perishable products). Our team provides you with all the necessary information tailored to the specific needs of your cargo.

  • Removals, relocation and art

    This center of expertise channels your removals and relocations and ensures a flawless transportation and storage of your personal goods

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  • Consumer products: books, textile, toys, shoes

    This team has a profound understanding of the consumer industry. The transportation and logistics of books, textile, toys and shoes is their area of expertise. Starting from your location to the final point of delivery, our team identifies each phase of the trajectory beforehand.  

  • Shipping to the French Caribbean area

    Our colleagues in France offer an adequate response to all multimodal transportation demands to and from the French Caribbean: from the smallest packages to the largest industrial cargo projects.

  • Supply chain management and logistics

    Freight forwarding transport and logistics: services in which Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium excels. Our complete logistics solutions are tailored to your workflow and products in order to guarantee your customer satisfaction.

    • Supply chain management to EDC (European Distribution Centre): multimodal transport by sea, air and road. 
    • Storage of small and large items
    • Order picking
    • Packaging, labelling and marking
    • Line of control and packing
    • Custom formalities: import, transit, export
    • Fiscal representation
    • Supply chain management

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  • E-commerce

    E-commerce is not only characterized by a ‘fast moving nature’, but it also faces transactional challenges. Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium  is the perfect partner to assist you with those challenges. With our solutions, the last mile of your e-commerce shipment will go off without a hitch.  

    • Data management of shipments
    • 100% customs formalities with guarantee
    • Fiscal representation
    • E-commerce fulfilment: unloading, palletising, labelling, loading
    • Booking in an e-commerce platform
    • Last mile transport

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