The pursuit of excellence to guarantee the best customer experience

With more than 30 years of experience in logistics, Theodore Haije knows the sector inside and out. He was without any doubt the ideal man to start as Business Development Manager within the Project Cargo department of Sealogis earlier this year. In this blog, we get an insight in his work at Sealogis.

As Business Development Manager at Sealogis, it's up to Theodore Haije to make the necessary contacts and find new customers and opportunities. "I am responsible for developing and implementing strategies to increase market share," Theodore Haije explains.

"One of my tasks is to identify potential customers and build long-term relationships with them. In doing so, I tailor proposals based on their unique needs. To ensure the smoothest possible experience for our customers, it’s important to align permanently with our operational teams to find the best practicable solutions during the quoting process.

Conceptual thinking

Theodore is an avid chess player, a hobby that also helps him in his job. "Chess requires a lot of conceptual thinking. Something we often encounter in logistics as well. You frequently have to think out the box to bring projects to a successful conclusion as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible."

"Especially within project cargo, you  deal often with over dimensioned and very heavy loads", Theodore continues. "Solution design is critical. How do we get the cargo on or off a ship? Where can we find the appropriate infrastructure or the right equipment to perform a transshipment? And how do we get the cargo to its final destination as per the requirements of the client?"

Laws of physics transcended

The time crunch we find ourselves often in, makes project logistics sometimes feel like sweating through an obstacle course.  Still, logistics remains a dream job for Theodore.

"Logistics has definitely captured my heart, and I don't see me leaving it anytime soon. Every day is different, and I just really enjoy that. It also gives me the necessary energy. You get to build a close alliance of partners that super exceeds relations on a professional level only, but they become real friends.

"In addition, I am still amazed every day at what is possible," Theodore continues. "I regularly stand mesmerized watching how the laws of physics are overcome when we lift pieces of 160 tons seemingly weightless in the air. I am immensely proud that we can flawlessly accomplish something this big within our small team." 

Theodore also realizes very well that it does not only require the Sealogis team for such an assignment. "It's a team result that can only come about thanks to the combined efforts of our stakeholders. Whether that be stevedores, ship owners, surveyors or clients."

Team spirit

Theodore came into contact with Sealogis through a mutual business relationship, and after a few conversations it was clear he loved to join the team. 

"I’ve built a strong network locally and abroad  over the past, so I can compare a few things," Theodore explains. "The nice thing about Sealogis is its informal atmosphere. You can just walk into management if you have a question, and that's not possible everywhere anymore. In addition, there is a wide range of resources available within the organization that provide me with the necessary support for the complex projects we are working on. So leaving is definitely not on my radar for now," Theodore laughs.