The international feel of Sealogis Belgium: Creating Solutions Worldwide!

Fitting for a company with global aspirations, Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium employs people of various nationalities (France, Russia, the Netherlands, China, Ecuador, Ghana, etc.). We spoke to Alla and Daniel who, in addition to a touch of couleur locale, also bring international expertise to the company. 

Alla Van Bers, Import coordinator

In a working environment with various nationalities, you definitely get more insights and new ideas. Alla Van Bers, Import coordinator, agrees. Alla is of Russian origin and has worked at Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium for 5 years now. She has lived in Belgium for 20 years.

I like the challenges of a freight forwarding company and the daily contacts with customs, carriers and customers.” (Alla Van Bers, Import Coordinator)

Arranging the import of goods from a to z

In line with the One-stop-shop concept of Sealogis Belgium Alla takes care of Sealogis customers from a to z. As an import coordinator, she handles the import of goods. She is also in charge of the import from, the necessary customs documents for and the delivery to various, often European, countries. Because the job requires some talent to negotiate the right rates, Alla has strong administrative and commercial skills.

“Our customers appreciate that total service. Many have been customers for years and new companies arrive at our doorstep through references. That says it all. Sealogis has an excellent reputation in the maritime world.”

International work environment of Sealogis Freight Forwarding

Alla loves her international work environment. The international employees in the company give a boost to Sealogis' growth and to the performance of their jobs, she believes. “We come into contact with different cultural backgrounds, which is enriching. Compared to the Belgians, I am quite direct in character and I am quick to speak my mind. This diversity of characters and cultures is what adds value to the company.”

 “Working for Sealogis means stability for me, the peripheral issues are well organised and we have good labour conditions here.”

 Daniel Diaz, Inside Sales Executive

“I enjoy working with colleagues from different places and countries,” says Daniel Diaz. He was born in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and arrived in Belgium with his mother at the age of 13. A few years ago, he joined Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium.

I enjoy working with colleagues in different places and countries.” (Daniel Diaz).

At Sealogis Belgium, Daniel is working internationally to approach foreign markets. He works for the overseas agent network and collaborates with the Operations team to provide an a-to-z service to international clients. His tasks include looking for the best modes of transport, following up with shipping companies and giving advice on the right documents to make the customs process run smoothly.

Freight forwarding service up to the last mile

“We provide a tailor-made service, right up to the last mile. Our customers are much more than just a number here,” says Daniel. “I always look for the best solution for my customers - in Dutch, Spanish, English or French.”

International origin is an asset

“What he likes best? “The variety of this job. The changing tariffs, the new digital tools, the contact with shipping companies and customs, that is quite exciting. My international origin is an asset. I come from a culture of negotiation and have experience with it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”