Team General Cargo: from the first to the extra smile!

Meet Marc Van den Bergh and Tine De Laere, who are taking our General Cargo team in the right direction. Marc and Tine can count on a group of seasoned, highly-talented freight forwarders who handle a wide range of cargo types, ranging from general cargo, project cargo, agricultural and chemical products (import), all the way to e-commerce goods and removal items. A wonderfully balanced and complementary bunch, always with your cargo in mind!

Marc and Tine have been familiar with Sealogic Belgium for years. Marc Van den Bergh has been working at Sealogis Belgium for eight years now, meaning he knows the importance of working in a customer-focused way. “Because we want to be of even better service to our customers, we have centralised a number of our business units (’verticals’) in this new General Cargo team. This centralisation means that we are focusing even more directly on the needs of our customers”.

“Our team specialises in all types of cargo, for export as well as import flows. One person, Alla Van Bers, focuses on the international Sealogis agent network”.

“No matter what the destination of your cargo or your timetable looks like, it is our duty to channel and handle the transportation of your products flawlessly”. (Marc Van den Bergh)

Enthusing the team

“Marc and I are well-matched”, adds Tine De Laere, who has been working at Sealogis Belgium since 2008. She worked initially at the Import department and was the contact person for a highly diverse range of customers in various industries. She later helped to shape the E-commerce business unit, which now forms part of the General Cargo team.

“What brings us together? Without a doubt, the passion for freight forwarding. Every day, we motivate our team with enthusiasm for this job”. (Tine De Laere)

Export business too

From September 2022, employees of the Export Department will also strengthen the General Cargo team. Customers will have a fixed, consistent point of contact who looks after their file throughout the entire process.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork and expertise are clear strengths that set this General Cargo team apart. “Significant internal cross-fertilisation helps us take each other to the next level”, says Tine. “There are regular training sessions in order to update and build on our knowledge, including relevant changes in legislation. Reliability towards our customers is expressed in several different ways: service provision and relationships along with thorough expertise”.

Truly valuable freight forwarders

In short, team General Cargo is made up of fully-fledged forwarders 'as it should be', who can handle all type of goods and who take care of everything for our customers from A to Z, whether by sea, road or rail transport, customs administration or logistical solutions. Customers can contact this team at all times for a quick answer to their questions and a tailor-made solution.

We always find a solution that meets our client’s expectations!