Sealogis is the best learning experience

Sealogis Freight Forwarding has been present in the Port of Antwerp for almost 30 years. In those years, it has built a team of experts in eight different verticals. From breakbulk to consumer goods. You name it and they transport it from here to Tokyo, the U.S. or South Africa. Earlier this year, they added two new people to their team: Jordy Van Beveren and Mandy Roovers.

Jordy and Mandy are both sales agents and, despite their youth, already have a lot of experience within logistics. They call logistics and the Port of Antwerp a passion they could not live without.

"Every day looks different, and that's just what I love about our job," says Jordy. "It's not a standard 9 to 5. Choosing Sealogis was a choice of the heart. Here, you’ll join a team where a lot of expertise has been built up over the years. Meanwhile, we have customers from all over the world so you're really where all the action is. And we also put strong emphasis on the different areas of expertise to serve the verticals as well as possible."

Before Mandy joined Sealogis, she had been in the logistics industry for 10 years. From finance to more operational work and now as a sales agent. "I always had a passion for the Port of Antwerp and everything related to the maritime world. At Sealogis I can now finally put my money where my mouth is. And because I also used to do operational tasks, I do know better what it takes to bring certain jobs to a successful conclusion."

Quick to switch directions

A typical day is hard to describe for sales agents like Jordy and Mandy. For example, every day requests come in from all over the world, but they can also always be affected by geopolitical situations. 

"As soon as something happens in the world, your whole logistics planning can suddenly become useless and you may have to start over," Mandy points out. "That's why we always try to anticipate and work proactively. In recent months, there have been some shipping routes that suddenly became impossible. That causes longer delivery times, deadlines that shift, an additional financial cost,... . It is then up to us to find the best and fastest route that is also financially accommodating for our clients." 

Jordy adds: "It also helps that with Sealogis we have other hubs that we can consult. But we also look at other perhaps less evident directions. For instance, we follow different media outlets to keep track of the latest industry news. At the end of the day, logistics often remains a price sector anyway. Whoever can offer the most competitive prices has a good chance of getting the job. By being informed, half of your task is already simpler. And If you manage to win a big job, then it can really give you a buzz afterwards."

One team

What makes Sealogis different from other freight forwarders?  Both Jordy and Mandy don't have to think all that long about the answer. "At the previous forwarders where I worked, everything was split up more per customer or task package. You have less of that at Sealogis. We really work as one team and try to help each other whenever possible. Of course we all have our own specializations, but it's clear that we can still learn a lot from the colleagues who have been here for years," Mandy points out.

"That is indeed one of the great advantages of a company like Sealogis, The expertise here, and the idea that you can still learn a lot," Jordy adds. "I was looking for a place where I could still learn enough new things, and that is definitely the case here. For me, Sealogis is one of, if not the best learning experience you can find in Antwerp. I am surrounded by an immense pool of expertise, and our clients can rest assured they will get the best logistics solution possible thanks to our one-stop-shop policy."