E-commerce is gaining importance in the logistics industry. Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium has shown interest in this developing and promising market since the early days. However, the e-commerce industry has its specific requirements. Organizing the supply chain, including the complicated custom transactions, therefore needs specific expertise.

“Compatible with its strategy of focusing on industries that need expertise, our company has invested in developing and designing solutions to tackle the very particular obstacles related with e-commerce”, says Edwig Laenen, ceo of Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium.

Unique last mile solution for e-commerce flows

Driven by the support of the port of Antwerp authorities who are motivated by a mutual interest of routing volumes to our home port, and with the highly appreciated technical support of the Belgian and Antwerp customs authorities, Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium has developed a unique last mile solution for e-commerce flows.

Customs clearance, fulfilment and multi-modal last mile transport

This exclusive solution includes all last mile services from port to platform including customs clearance, fulfilment (sorting, palletizing, labeling) in accordance with the e-platform requirements and multi-modal last mile transport. Furthermore, our solutions guarantees on being 100% full compliant with customs regulations. The result is a bottle neck free, 100% customs proof and fluent supply chain management from vessel to e-commerce platforms wherever in Europe.

The value and quality of our solutions are fueled by a very close cooperation and partnership with an advanced European e-commerce fulfilment specialist. 

Inspired by vertical business units

E-commerce is becoming the 7th vertical of Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium confirms Edwig. It will be one of the engines behind our further growth and is fully compatible with our strategy, namely delivering expertise and designed solutions. 

Other verticals are, chemicals, project and heavy lift cargo, perishable food, general cargo, removals and art, consumer products and the French Caribbean.