Sealogis Belgium's customs service: Going the extra mile for customers

Sealogis Belgium offers a comprehensive range of customs support, including both stand-alone services and complete package solutions. With their extensive global agent network, personalized approach, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Sealogis continues to excel in the customs industry, making customs processes smoother and more efficient for businesses across diverse sectors. 

Tine De Laere, the team leader of Sealogis' General Cargo Team, is not only responsible for overseeing the team's operations but also handles all customs litigations across the entire company and manages the customs warehouse. Whether it's internal or external queries related to customs, Tine is the go-to person.  

With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Tine's journey began in the import department, and her insatiable curiosity and broad vision have propelled her to where she stands today. She has always been driven to find tailored solutions for clients, embracing challenges and seeking variety in her work. 


General Cargo Team 

"Our team caters to diverse business units such as e-commerce and agriculture, offering comprehensive import and export solutions. Our aim is to provide seamless customs support within Sealogis", says Tine De Laere. 

They handle both complete package solutions and stand-alone shipments. The distinction between the two is particularly relevant due to the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. Clients who had regular trade with the UK suddenly found themselves in need of inbound and outbound customs procedures, without the necessary knowledge to navigate these new requirements. Sealogis stepped in and started offering stand-alone customs services to assist these clients.  

Furthermore, Sealogis offers comprehensive customs services that encompass not only customs clearance but also related administrative tasks. For example, in the agricultural sector, where inspections by the federal food agency are often required, Sealogis takes care of all the necessary documentation. 


Network of agents worldwide 

However, the majority of their clients opt for the complete package, choosing to have all their customs-related needs handled by a single party. It's worth noting that each country has its own unique interpretation of general customs rules, and Sealogis' extensive global agent network enables them to access expertise and resources in different regions.  

“Our strong global agent network allows us to tap into expertise and resources worldwide. Whether it's collaborating with a Chinese agent for sea freight or engaging an American agent for customs formalities, we leverage our network to deliver seamless operations”, says Tine De Laere. 


Personal approach 

One of Sealogis' greatest strengths lies in its commitment to personalized service. The General Cargo Team, comprising 13 individuals, places great importance on establishing strong connections with their clients. With the recent centralization of business units, customers now have a central contact person who ensures a personal and tailored experience. This emphasis on personalization allows Sealogis to think outside the box and go above and beyond for their customers. 

For example, consider the recent case of an agro-client in Germany, a one-person operation who had ordered her first-ever import container of shrimp from India. However, she was unaware that this required laboratory analysis for inspection by the federal food agency.  

Her container had been in Antwerp for two months with another logistics provider before she turned to Sealogis for assistance. Leveraging their network and innovative thinking, Sealogis found a suitable solution through their agent in Germany, enabling the delivery of the shipment and resolving the client's predicament. 


Clear communication 

Sealogis maintains regular communication with their customers through email and phone updates. Additionally, they have introduced an online system which allows customers to log in and gain insights into their ongoing shipments.  

Through the tool, clients can track their shipments, monitor the progress of customs clearance, access copies of relevant documents, and stay informed about delivery dates and other details. This transparent system ensures that clients have a complete overview of their shipments. 

"We firmly believe in going the extra mile for our customers. Regardless of the size or complexity of their needs, we are committed to putting in the additional effort. It's our dedication to providing exceptional service that sets us apart", Tine De Laere. 

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