Philippe de Roeck: (almost) retired, but still enjoying his work at Sealogis

Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium is happy to go that little bit further for your import/export freight. We take care of your shipments – regardless of origin, destination, inco delivery conditions and purchase conditions. But let’s be honest: behind every strong company there are many strong employees. Meet Philippe De Roeck: the backbone of our administration who will soon be able to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. But we don’t have to say goodbye to him...just yet.

The world of import and export holds no secrets for Philippe. Over the past 25 years, he has ensured Sealogis Belgium has continued to grow into the well-functioning freight forwarding company it is today. And we can only be thankful for that of course.

Almost retired, but not quite

Our administrative know-it-all will soon be retiring. But luckily we won’t be having to say goodbye to him just yet. Philippe will continue to support our team administratively wherever necessary – out of love for the profession, the sector and his colleagues.

“I was responsible for just 1 client at the beginning of my Sealogis Belgium career”, says Philippe. “But the company grew, and so did my position. For example, I was responsible for the groupage for a while. This means for example that there would be several shipments for different customers in a single container, and I had to get each shipment to the right destination. It was certainly a challenge, but also very interesting and instructive.”

“Today I assist my colleagues who need administrative support”, he continues. “Issuing invoices, figuring out customs regulations, or simply ensuring the right shipment reaches the right customer in the most efficient way. I am happy to take care of it all.”

You can be assured that Philippe enjoys working at Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium. “Sealogis has always been very correct,” he says. “However, freight transport is not an easy industry. But it is an industry that gives me a lot of satisfaction and in which I have really found my calling – although I understand this can sound quite strange to some people.”

In addition, for Philippe, the environment in which he works is just as important as the work he performs. “I can always count on my colleagues here. The team really feels like a circle of friends,” he says. “We support each other, work well together, and go that little bit further for each other…”

Fortunately he won’t have to miss his colleagues too much – especially now that he will be continuing to work for Sealogis Belgium: “I'm happy that I will be able to maintain our bond a bit and continue to work in the sector. I may be saying a partial goodbye to Sealogis, but not completely just yet!”

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