Logistic solutions: Sealogis warehouse in Grobbendonk (Antwerp East Port)

A new milestone for freight forwarder Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium. To support its logistics ambitions, the company now has a state-of-the-art warehouse with multimodal access, located at the DLCT terminal adjacent to the Albert Canal in Grobbendonk (Antwerp East Port).

The Sealogis warehouse is situated on a 17,500 m² site, where its main use will be storage and cross-docking activities (fast movers). Added value and supply chain services will also be carried out from here.

The logistics activities are the responsibility of a permanent Sealogis team, managed by Steve Keynen, Logistics Department Team Leader at Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium.

In the hinterland of the Port of Antwerp, this Sealogis Belgium platform – in collaboration with its partner Van Moer Logistics – will give an extra boost to our maritime and logistics activities.”

(Edwig Laenen, Managing Director, Sealogis Belgium)

Storage of fast-moving products

The warehouse primarily stores fast-moving goods and non-hazardous chemical products from customers. After a short storage period, the goods leave Grobbendonk to be distributed throughout the rest of Belgium and Europe. Sealogis Belgium takes care of the booking process with the transport companies from start to finish.

Cross-docking activities

In addition, the location is used for cross-docking activities, whereby the arriving goods are immediately reloaded for outgoing transport.

Added value logistics: packaging, palletising, labelling, etc.

As well as storage and goods transport, Sealogis Belgium also offers extra services such as packaging, palletising, labelling, and goods assembly. 

Last-mile logistics for e-commerce
For example, Sealogis Belgium carries out various value-added activities for e-commerce companies. The goods arrive in containers from China, for instance, and are then palletised and labelled according to the standards and requirements of well-known e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. This is followed by transport to the company’s various distribution centres. As such, Sealogis Belgium looks after all the last-mile logistics of its e-commerce customers. 

DLCT: Dannie Lockefeer Container Terminal

The Sealogis warehouse neighbours the DLCT on the Albert Canal in Grobbendonk. It means the goods can easily be transported by ship from the Port of Antwerp to this location.

This highly secure terminal (AEO certified) has a docking length of 200 metres and a total surface area of 100,000 m².

Great location and multimodal access

Thanks to the location along the Albert Canal, 20 km from the Port of Antwerp, the storage and logistics activities escape the congestion problems and the road works on the Oosterweel link. In addition to extra visibility, the location next to the E313 motorway ensures fast accessibility for road transport.

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