Forwarding agent: the best job in the world!

Sealogis Belgium was a guest of the WCAworld conference in Dublin, the world's most powerful group of independent freight forwarders. “An excellent opportunity to catch up with our international trade partners and fellow forwarders”, says Edwig Laenen. The setting in the Irish capital and the many international contacts inspired Edwig to praise the freight forwarding profession.

“Finding and retaining the right people with the right expertise remains an issue in our sector. I would therefore like to give young people and graduates a warm welcome to our sector. This is the place to be for an exciting career! This is the place to be if you want to reach your full potential!

I come from a family of freight forwarders, but I initially chose a different direction. The passion my father and brother showed for the job was what attracted me to this career. A profession that is, admittedly, still too unknown and too unloved.

”The passion my father and brother showed for the job was what brought me into this career”.

I still consider this a fantastic decision that I’ve never regretted. Thanks to this job, I’ve grown on a professional and personal level. I’ve seen the world. Take the conference in Dublin. I was around the table with both Europeans and colleagues from all the other continents. It was enriching to hear their vision on the world.

Variety, creativity, growth

This is why I want to tell young people that I know of very few sectors that offer this much variety and creativity, combined with a wide range of career opportunities.

Please keep in mind that this profession also has challenges, pitfalls and technical issues. However, this does not prevent budding talents in our world from getting started both quickly and confidently.

Do you need to have an interest in the maritime industry? It helps, but it’s not a must. Skills and enthusiasm are enough to get started.

Sectors, goods, people

If you like variation: this is the place to be. Sectors, goods and people: everything is different here each day to the next. We transport steel coils, chemicals and machinery, along with frozen lobsters and toys. Nothing is impossible. We’re on the search for solutions for our customers every day.

We are in daily contact with shipping carriers, insurance companies, banks, customs officers, transporters, warehouse managers, you name it.

And at Sealogis Belgium, we:

  • Train our employees from the start.
  • Have a down to earth mentality that connects people.
  • Stick to management with short lines of communication.
  • Combine the resources of an international group with the mentality of an SME. 
  • Have range of international faces: at our office, you will meet the whole world!

Has this attracted your interest, and would you like to come and work in an international environment with Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium? Send an email to , or call: 03/227 27 28.