Female and completely enamoured by the ‘Marine Industry’: Hanna and Yannick

The maritime world is often associated with being predominately male however, this is the not case within Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium where the M/F distribution is well balanced. Make way for Hanna Malajuwara en Yannick Van den Heuvel, two shining stars within the logistics and export departments .

Yannick (Export Operations): “Will never again leave the Maritime world ”

Yannick Van den Heuvel was introduced to ‘Maritime Industry’ by her father and subsequently entered the world of shipping lines.  More than 2 years ago she joined the Export Operations Department within Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium.

Freight forwarding is totally her cup of tea. Booking containers with shipping lines, liaising with transport companies, order processing etc.  Yannick has a varied working day and it is precisely this dynamic working environment that she so enjoys. “No two days are the same and no projects are handled in the same way. The challenge of getting the job done to the satisfaction of the customer, having to think on your feet…. this gives me positive vibes and this is the great things about my job.”

“Add to this the international aspect – one of my customers is in Dubai – and the sociable and pleasant atmosphere at the office, to which as a woman I am very attached to, I cannot see myself doing any other job than one within the maritime industry.”

Hanna (Logistic Operations): “The ‘Maritime Industry’, a world that is made for me”

“I used to work in a completely different sector, but after following a course in Logistics I ended up at Sealogis Belgium 2,5 years ago now.  I don’t regret it for a second,” commented Dutch native Hanna Malajuwara, who together with 2 other women and one man make up the Logistic Operations Department.

Logistics and transport are time sensitive

“The world of logistics and transportation is exceptionally time sensitive,” confirms Hanna. “You have to act quickly if you want to manage warehouses, stock levels and carry out fast and accurate transportation. We are also taking care of all customs administration and there is a lot involved. This is a busy job but I choose this in full awareness and had a head start”

Enthusiasm is our ‘added value service’

“This is can be quite a stressful desk job but I really enjoy it,” adds Hanna. “Run, stumble, fall get back up and carry on! I love it, it’s totally addictive. I like to pass on my enthusiasm to my colleagues and customers. This is ‘added value service’… Also, the international contacts in Ireland, France or Israel provide a lot of job satisfaction. The office location is also perfect right in the heart of this port city of Antwerp, delightful!

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