E-Logis for E-commerce: unique, claim free and customs compliant

E-commerce is gaining momentum in the logistics business to business industry. It requires a different approach to enable quick hassle free deliveries to all E-commerce platforms in Europe.

With E-Logis, Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium targets overseas Freight Forwarders and promises them a successful E-commerce service with fast delivery

Traditional import versus e-commerce

Every day millions of products are transported worldwide to E-commerce platforms and distribution centres from where they will ultimately find their way to their final destination, the consumer.

As E-commerce needs to be managed without a physical transaction between exporter and third party importer, traditional clearance procedures are inadequate. Supplier invoices with incorrect amounts lead to incorrect customs values being declared, which in turn leads to incorrect clearance transactions. This process results into claims, confiscated cargo, out of time delivery and a lot of unforeseen costs.

Time critical cargo is therefore an essential part of E-commerce.  The products ordered online must be delivered on time by exporters to various E-commerce platforms.  Any transit issues at customs are time consuming and should be prevented at all times.

Just in time delivery for time critical cargo

Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium had the foresight to anticipate this situation and started developing E-Logis, a technology inspired by the ambition to reach 100% compliancy with customs regulations. Thanks to E-Logis, we guarantee a fast and reliable performance for time critical cargo.

E-Logis is a customs compliant solution

E-Logis is a customs compliant solution imbedded in technology and approved by the customs authorities! With a minimum of effort a maximum result.

E-Logis last mile services

Discover the state of the art last mile solutions for e-commerce flows. Direct container deliveries as well as warehousing and distribution solutions. Europe wide.


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