Dedicated and committed: DKM Customs, our partner in customs administration for over 25 years

Freight forwarding and logistics also involve a lot of customs administration. To deal with this administration, Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium relies on the expertise of DKM Customs. The paths of Edwig Laenen and Eddy Mees and Luc De Kerf from DKM Customs crossed at the right time many years ago!

Edwig Laenen, manager of Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium, tells us more about the collaboration: “Customs administration is a highly specialised field. It is better to call in a real expert for this.”

“Despite the fact Sealogis Belgium is also a licensed and knowledgeable customs agent, we still opted for outsourcing the customs formalities right from the start. After all, customs is an expertise in itself, with a huge impact on internal operations. DKM is the ultimate expert in the field of customs, hence our collaboration.”

Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium relies on the all-in services of DKM Customs. This ranges from applying for licences and arranging import duties to creating customs documents and ensuring the right relationship with customs. "These are processes in which we put great trust in each other and for which Sealogis Belgium remains jointly and severally liable."

Customs legislation changes almost daily

“Customs administration is a very intense expertise, if only for the fact that the legislation changes on an almost daily basis, both at Belgian and European level,” says Edwig. ”Good customs declarants are really hard to find.”

Hand in glove

Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium and DKM Customs have been partners for over 25 years. The paths of Edwig Laenen and Eddy Mees and Luc De Kerf crossed at the right time and ever since then, both companies have grown, hand in hand. Edwig Laenen: “Historically, DKM is our first supplier as well as partner. So, the collaboration with DKM is as old as Sealogis Belgium itself. We are in daily contact with each other, which in real terms means there is short and informal communication with DKM management. You could say we are working hand in glove with DKM.”

“What I really appreciate about the collaboration with DKM is the personal and direct contact. DKM knows the customs domain like the back of their hand and has an extensive customs network. Plus, there is a personal bond and our collaboration is based on mutual trust!”