Chemie Export team under the microscope: expertise, teamwork and clout!

Expertise in the chemistry sector, teamwork and clout: find out about the Sealogis Belgium Chemie Export team in a nutshell here. This team offers companies in the petrochemicals sector and others a fast, reliable freight forwarding service. “We don't have an office cubicle mentality here; we help one another”, say Team Leader Phil Devleeschauwer and Assistant Manager Björn Schroyens.

With a team of 10, the Chemie Export team of Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium follows up all shipments from A to Z, whether it’s straightforward transport by sea, or more complex shipments with additional transport, customs administration and invoicing.

Phil Devleeschauwer, Team Leader, says: “Our customers can rely on having the same contact person each time. We are highly attuned to one another, ensuring an effective structure and fast follow-up. This has to be the case, because peculiar to the chemicals sector is a multitude of shipping files of a repetitive nature. This requires effective internal operation.

Fast, open communication with customers

“Our strong points? Our experience in the world of chemicals and the fast, open communication with customers”, says Phil, who himself has been working in the world of shipping for 22 years, of which five were spent with Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium. “Sealogis Belgium is renowned for being an international company with plenty of expertise and a familial working environment”.

Strong service with our customers

“We provide direct, substantiated service to our customers. In this sector, you have to be able to quickly and appropriately respond to the desires and requirements of customers”, Assistant Manager Björn Schroyens also agrees. He also knows the ropes in the shipping world. Björn has been on board at the Sealogis Group since 2017 and has gained experience in a number of international companies, including abroad.

“One example of our direct approach is the way in which we recently arranged an unexpected but urgent shipment for one of our largest customers. The company was suddenly left out in the cold by another supplier and was looking for a way through. We needed to move quickly, but came up with a suitable solution. Afterwards, we received a telephone call from a very relieved customer bearing congratulations for our quick work. That’s why we’re doing this, after all.

Phil admires this direct approach. “Our open communication style with customers means we achieve plenty. We try to resolve questions or last-minute problems right away with minimal fuss. We consult internally, figure out the best possible shipping solution and a plan, which we then present to our customer. If they’re in agreement with our working methods, we go full steam ahead!”

What is it like to work in a time of disrupted supply chains?

Björn says: “The past few years have been especially hectic. The Covid-19 crisis, the stranded Ever Given, wildly fluctuating volumes and less helpful shipping lines demanded a great deal of flexibility and additional administration of our team. Delaying shipments, moving loads last-minute, a ship arriving days late, you name it ...  Thankfully, we have an outstanding bond with our customers, they trust our expertise and we’re always able to respond appropriately to last-minute changes”.

“Our open approach helps us reach the best possible solution together”.

Hands-on thinking

What properties should a good forwarding agent have? “Our hands-on approach certainly helps”, says Phil. “In this team, you can expect help from any of us, but we also appreciate it if you are proactive and come up with advice or a solution yourself. Our open approach helps us come to the best possible solution together. We don't have an office cubicle mentality here, we help one another”.

“The drive to work in a problem-solving way is very much present at Sealogis Belgium. And we keep the team spirit going. To sum up, we laugh a lot during the week and you may hear some swearing, but on Friday, we all go for drinks together. And that’s a good way to summarise our team!”