Björn Schroyens (Chemie Export team ) knows the ropes

Assistant Manager Björn Schroyens knows the ropes in the shipping world. He has been involved in the shipping world since the age of 18 and has worked in a range of Belgian and international companies. At Sealogis Belgium, he has been lending his strength to the Chemie Export team and offers companies in the petrochemicals sector and others a fast, reliable freight forwarding service.

Björn Schroyens knows the ropes. After completing his studies, he started working at the now defunct Van Doosselaere & Achten agency. He then worked at a number of groupage companies and participated in the overseas purchase from an interior company.

In 2017, Björn transferred to the Export Operations department of Sealogis Belgium, which was then called Challenge International. “That was such a happy coincidence, as Challenge International was one of my first customers when I started out in the maritime sector”, says Björn with a smile.

In 2021, Björn spent six months working with French colleagues at Sealogis France. For Björn, who lived in Marseilles for six months, this was an especially inspiring and enjoyable period.

Since February 2022, Björn has been working as Assistant Manager at the Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium Chemie Export team. With a team of 10, he follows up all shipments from A to Z, whether it’s straightforward transport by sea, or more complex shipments with additional transport, customs administration and invoicing.

Björn, what does a typical day for you involve?

“I always start fairly early in the morning and according to a set pattern, by checking my emails. I need to stay in touch with overseas areas such as Australia, Korea, Malaysia and China, and that’s why every morning, I need to be aware of incoming email traffic.

During the rest of the day, I work on a varied range of tasks and am kept busy with all kinds of files, maintaining contact with institutions such as customs, shipping lines and ports. I review and process typical shipping documents such as Manifest, DGD (Dangerous Goods Declaration) and other HSEs (Verified Gross Mass). When doing so, I rely on our revamped online platform. Once you are familiar with it and have mastered the system, this platform definitely helps you work efficiently. To help keep my work organised, I also work with four separate inboxes for a range of operations. Administration and invoicing also form part of my job. I finish work in the evening by preparing the files for the next day”, says Björn.

Which strengths do you need in order to work in the export service

Björn says: “A certain measure of assertiveness, communication skills and a solutions-focused approach are required. You cannot assume too soon that everything will run smoothly and you must constantly communicate effectively with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Furthermore, this is not a 9 to 5 job, given the obstacles in transport that could turn up at any point during the day. When a container has been blocked by customs issues, for example, you have to be able to find a solution as quickly as possible”.

How much do you enjoy your role?

Björn says: “This is truly my forte. I love looking after my customers from A to Z. I enjoy the appreciation, the level of freedom and the open communication in our diverse team with the many different personalities and nationalities. There’s no room for a cubicle mentality here. We have a strong team that discusses issues and makes decisions together. It’s great!”

Thanks for sharing your experience, Björn!

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